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                                                       Assignments 1  Read ON

                                                       Assignments 1 

Read ONE of the following two articles: “Who and What Helps Bully Victims Feel Safe at School? How Families and Schools Influence Youths’ Perception of Schools’ Safety” “Paved with Good Intentions: Individualism and the Cultural Reproduction of Poverty and Inequality”  
Answer the following questions for the article that you read: 
1. What is the title of the article?
2. Is the article qualitative or quantitative?
3. What is the population studied?
4. What research method was utilized?  
5. How was the data collected?
6. How was the data analyzed?
7. What conclusions were drawn?
8. Were there any limitations to the research? If so, what were they?
9. What was the purpose of the research?
10. How many references were consulted?


                                                       Assignments 2

analyzing how culture influences your life by examining your cultural conformity and subcultural experiences.


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