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A study performed in 2018 on the benefit of Socratic questioning to increase lea

A study performed in 2018 on the benefit of Socratic questioning to increase learning and comprehension of students. This study considered the first and second phases in the development of the Blended Socratic Method of Teaching (BSMT) model in order to improve the critical thinking skills of students, particularly undergraduate business students. The study continues to conclude the BSMT model of critical thinking was found to be highly appropriate as it had promoted students to question each other’s works within the program which had to lead them to significant gains in comprehension and greater, more organized, critical thinking paths. All qualities we can deduce are valued in any workplace – though may cause some frustration at times.Employees and students alike must be promoted to not only question each other work but to have the ability to back their decisions when they make them. Perhaps not every little thing should be questioned as that could be counterproductive but, I can think of several examples in the workplace where I have saved company money and efforts by questioning my counterparts and employees about their decisions. In many cases, there were better avenues to success which we worked together on.Would it be more empowering to be in a workplace where you are challenged less by your superiors and counterparts or would it be more fulfilling to successfully trump doubt when questioned about your decision making?  


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