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Answer these following questions and answer only one paragraph for each question

Answer these following questions and answer only one paragraph for each question. And make sure no plagiarism 1-How does what you learned impact your thoughts about Aldrees Petrol? According to Parisi (2013), alignment helps leaders to make better operational and investment decisions, and increase business profitability in order to achieve the organizational objective (Parisi, 2013). How is alignment related to investment decisions especially in regards to sustainability? I look forward to reading your reply. Reference Parisi, C. (2013). The impact of organizational alignment on the effectiveness of firms’ sustainability strategic performance measurement systems: an empirical analysis.Journal of Management & Governance, 17(1), 71-97. 2-which impacts how global businesses lead and share information for sustainability? 3-differentiate between local and global businesses and their roles in leading and organizing for sustainability? 4-Is there another tool that matrix decision tool could have been used for this decision that would have been more useful? If you have a decision to make, how do you know which tool to use? 5-discuss how the decision matrix could assist you in the decision-making process? 6-What advantages and disadvantages in using decision matrix tool in making decision?


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