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Assignment 3Research and Presentation on security vulnerabilitytools using Kali

Assignment 3Research and Presentation on security vulnerabilitytools using Kali Linux1. Group FormationFor this assignment, students need to form groups of 4 to 5 members under the supervision ofLecturer/Tutor. Each group must be formed of 4 to 5 students. In case there is a small group(such as with remaining two students), then the Lecturer/Tutor can rebalance the groups toensure that there are no “small” groups.2. Topic SelectionEach group needs to select one of the following security vulnerability testing tools of Kali Linuxon a first come first served basis:? Hydra? Maltego? NMap? Zed Attack Proxy? SqlMap? Metasploit Framework? Burp SuiteIf there are more groups than the number of available topics, then one topic can be selected bymore than one group. This should be arranged under the discretion of Lecturer/Tutor.If a group wants to select a security vulnerability testing tool of Kali Linux that is not listedabove, the group needs to discuss this with the Lecturer/Tutor.3. DeliverablesMembers of each group need to learn the usage of the selected tool of Kali Linux. For thisstudents need to research, install, and use Kali Linux and the selected tool. After sufficientstudy and hands on experience, each group needs to prepare and submit a report, and orallypresent their understanding on the selected tool and Kali Linux as a whole (individual memberpresentation). Formats of report and oral presentation are mentioned below.MITS 5004 Assignment 3Copyright © 2015-2018 VIT, All Rights Reserved. 33.1 ReportEach group needs to prepare a report (must be in PDF/DOC/DOCX) in the following format(section headings):1. Introduction of the tool2. Features of the tool3. Techniques used by the tool to exploit vulnerabilities of information systems4. Experimental setup and evidence of usage of the tool (include screenshots ofvulnerability testing that you have performed)5. Conclusions6. ReferencesThe size of the report should be from 1500 to 1700 words. Report should include group numberand member information (member students’ name and students ID numbers).3.2 Oral PresentationEach person in a group needs to perform oral presentation of the selected tool for 5 minutes.The presentation should be sufficiently detailed to enable audiences to be able to use the tool.The oral presentation should (not limited to) include the following aspects:? Introduction to Kali Linux? Introduction to the selected tool of Kali Linux? Features of the tool? Details on the types of security vulnerability checks/attacks that can be carriedout with the toolEach student needs to prepare a powerpoint/PDF presentation of 10-12 slides and show itduring the oral presentation. The powerpoint/PDF slides should contain 5-6 screenshots of theexperiements performed by the student.NOTE: In case it is infeasible for conducting oral presentation for all students, Lecturer/Tutorcan allow students to make a Video Presentation and upload in Moodle. In this case, the videoshould clearly show the student presenting in person on the selected topic.3.3 Moodle SubmissionStudents are required to submit the followings through Moodle:1. Report (1500 to 1700 words): Must be in either PDF or DOC/DOCX format.2. Video Presentation (5 mins presentation): Must be in mp4 or other similar format,and must be less than 100 MB size.MITS 5004 Assignment 3Copyright © 2015-2018 VIT, All Rights Reserved. 44. Assignment Scoring BreakdownSee the scoring sheet below for this assignment and ensure that your presentation fulfills thescoring criteria listed. All students in the same group will get the same mark for Reportsubmission, while Oral Presentation marks are assigned individually based on individualperformance. Your final mark will be the sum of the two marks.


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