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Assignment 4 – Ethics There exist a number of prescription drugs called nootropi

Assignment 4 – Ethics There exist a number of prescription drugs called nootropics, which are intended to improve concentration, focus, and general cognitive (brain) function. These have legitimate medical uses as treatments for conditions like narcolepsy. In recent years, students have been acquiring these medications without a prescription, not to treat any condition, but in the hopes of improving studying, assignment, and test-taking performance. The term “study drugs” is sometimes used to refer to the various medications in question. Is the use of study drugs (without a diagnosis and appropriate prescription) ethical? Your answer should reference the values in the compass discussed in lectures. You should also evaluate this question using at least one of the ethical theories discussed in the lectures. It is permitted to use ethical theories not discussed in class to evaluate this question. Please note that nothing will be read into your answer; you need not personally believe the position you choose to support in your essay and neither markers nor anyone else will make any assumptions. Remember to follow proper essay format. Your analysis of each case should have an introductory paragraph, present the main arguments in a logical manner, and end with a concluding paragraph. Your solution must have a maximum length of four pages, be single spaced, have 2.54 cm (1 inch) margins, and be in an 11 pt font which is one of: “Times New Roman”, “Cambria”, “Liberation Serif”, or “Computer Modern”. An additional page for references is permitted; references should be in IEEE Citation format. Evaluation This assignment is marked out of 100 according to the following rules: Up to 20 marks awarded for how well your answer addresses the topic(s) at hand. Up to 50 marks awarded for how clearly your argument/position is explained. Up to 30 marks awarded for how well your position is supported by references to appropriate sources such as statutes, precedents, lecture notes, regulations, books, et cetera. For each spelling or grammar error, a deduction of 2 marks, up to a maximum of 20 marks deducted. For each formatting criterion not followed (for example, incorrect margins), a deduction of 10 marks up to a maximum of 30 marks deducted. 1


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