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   Assignment: Exploring Assistive Technology (AT) Purpose:  To help familiarize

Assignment: Exploring Assistive Technology (AT)
Purpose:  To help familiarize you with AT, Apps, and emerging technologies to support employment, education, and recreation that can be used by individuals with disabilities. 
You have several options for completing the AT assignment. You will choose one option: 
1) Apps for employment
2) Apps for education (for all ages)
3) Video/case studies of AT use for employment (i.e. feature news stories, human interest stories of AT under development or in use by individuals with disabilities)
4) Video/case studies of AT use for recreation/social interaction/independent living
5) Ex: Video case study: Emerging technologies (ET) that might benefit individuals with disabilities.
b. TAP,wearable keyboard:
Written response:
1.) Definition of Assistive Technology
2.) Name of APP/AT/emerging technology
3.) Source (URL, where to find it) including screenshot/picture of APP/AT/ET
4.) Purpose (2-3 major uses)
5.) Who can benefit? (age level, populations)
6.) Accessibility (include any issues regarding downloading APP, ability to use with voice, hands free, voice activation, etc. (2-3 key features)
7.) Cost $ (for APP, note if there are free versions, and versions that cost)
8.) Terms of use (Are data collected? Who has access? Opt in/Opt out?)
Written format: 
1. Use person-first language, even if the website does not.
2. Minimum of 3 full length pages double spaced. You will not be penalized if you write more than 3 pages.
3. Include the photos, screen shot – they may be located anywhere in the write up.
4. Typed, check writing mechanics (spelling and grammar).


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