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  Chosen article:

Chosen article:

As our lectures and readings note, academic writers make inquiries. As you read through the article of your choice, did questions occur to you? In asking these questions, did you realize that you might need more information to properly answer them? For example, in our last activity, “Entering the Conversation,” I responded to the article “Why Games are Good for You” by Steven Johnson. I primarily disagreed with his article, so I thought of some good points that might refute his claims, but I also realized I would need more research to properly do so. The following research questions occurred to me:

Are there sources that talk about the detrimental content of some video games?
Should I explore the idea of video game addiction? Is that relevant to my main point? Are there articles on this?
Can we really separate how we think from what we think?
Are there philosophers that discuss this distinction?

All of these questions would require research. In this activity, you are going to ask questions like these, and let them lead you to a plan of inquiry that will guide your research in Week 2.
This assignment has three steps:
Step 1. Copy your “Week 1 Discussion 2” assignment into this discussion board.
Step 2. Below your initial quote and response, ask the questions that occurred to you, which require research to answer. You may have more questions for some quotes than others.
Step 3. After you have asked the questions and considered them, come up with an inquiry plan. This will be a statement of what you will research and why. It doesn’t have to be exact, and it can ask questions you don’t quite know the answers to yet. There is no set form for this plan. It is primarily for your use in thinking about your overall project.
Here is an example:


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