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Citations: ASA is preferred, MLA or APA is acceptable.

Citations: ASA is preferred, MLA or APA is acceptable. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
ASA for your text:
Cohen, Philip N. (2018) The Family. Diversity, Inequality and Social Change. Second Edition. New York, NY. W.W. Norton & Company

When it comes to understanding families, how are structural functionalists and conflict

theoretical perspectives different? Based on what you read in the chapter, contrast how the
two theories might explain the rise of the breadwinner-homemaker family.

Analyze the social forces and cultural values that led to changes in courtship practices between colonial and modern times.

Name and describe two different immigrant legislation acts and the impact they had on


What are some of the explanations sociologists have given regarding the phenomenon of single Black women? What has been the impact of each of these explanations?


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