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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Explanatory.However, having a dog as a pet

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Explanatory.However, having a dog as a pet is a big responsibility and requires that the owner give as much to the pet as they expect in return. A dog can’t get to the doctor, shop for dog food, or open the door to go outside. The well cared for dog needs a human’s attention on a regular basis. The rewards that are gained from a happy and healthy dog come from giving your dog the proper care and treatment that they need.The care for any new dog in the household begins when the puppy is just a few weeks old and lays a foundation for its future good health. As a puppy, the first trip outside the home will probably be to visit a veterinarian to get the preventative care that they need to stay healthy. The veterinarian will typically give the dog a series of shots that prevent the dog from acquiring such illnesses as distemper and rabies. This will usually be followed up at a later date by a second series of booster shots, including de-worming, that ensures that the dog will have a lifetime of immunity to the diseases that most commonly afflict dogs. These initial vet visits will be augmented throughout the life of the dog by ongoing treatments for other threats to a dog’s health.The veterinarian gives the dog a first line of defense against the major canine ailments, but it is up to the owner to provide regular and ongoing treatment for additional problems that face the dog. The veterinarian can give the dog a pill that kills any existing worms, and will need to work with the owner to maintain a regimen of ongoing treatment to eliminate the possibility of a lethal case of heartworms (Crans). In addition, a dog can be subject to fleas, mites, skin conditions, and ear infections that may require additional treatment. The owner needs to regularly observe the animal for signs of unusual scratching or behavior that might indicate a health problem. There are many products such as flea collars, pills, and drops that provide a lasting prevention for fleas and ticks (Potter). In addition, the dog’s ears require regular cleaning and many other conditions can be attended to with over the counter medicines or with the help of a veterinarian. A dog that is in good health will have a healthy appetite and it is essential to maintain a proper diet to make a happy dog. While many dogs enjoy people food, it can be a recipe for bad health. A steady diet of table scraps are usually not well balanced in terms of the fat and protein that fit the special needs of a dog. Improper feeding or over feeding can cause a dog to become overweight and places undue strain on the dog’s well being. The dog’s diet should reflect the proper mix of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins. The dog’s veterinarian, or reliable Internet information, can recommend a good food or provide the nutrient requirements that are required for a healthy dog. Dog owners can usually do very well if they buy a high quality dry dog food and add some meat broth, leftover vegetables, or lean meat scraps (Building a Balanced Diet). In addition to eating the correct food, it is important to not over feed the dog. Some dogs may eat until the food is gone and the quantities will need to be monitored. The correct amounts are printed on all dog food packaging to make the owner’s job easy. Following these simple steps will result in a dog that is fit and trim. A dog that is healthy, fit, and trim, loves to play


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