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Compose a 1750 words essay on Violent Crime against Women. Needs to be plagiaris

Compose a 1750 words essay on Violent Crime against Women. Needs to be plagiarism free!To begin with physical violence, women have been constantly been assaulted in the society by either their closest friends or strangers. Very few cases are reported to the relevant authority for legal actions, while many go unreported. Although the vice is mostly carried out by men, women to have been on record by intentionally exerting force against fellow women without their consent. Women who have been assaulted end up feeling pain arising from the physical injury. Among the physical abuse and violent crime suffered by women are pushing, hitting, slapping, punching and pinching. Others include kicking, stabbing, cutting, shooting, strangling and in some instances killing. Women also suffer from sexual abuse, mostly in the hands of men as well as their fellow women. Sexual crimes occur when individual forces a woman to either engages in sexual activities or sexually related activities. Some of the sexual activities carried out on women and have been outlawed by the justice system in many countries include touching them in a sexual way without their consent, prolonged sexual contact against a woman even after being requested to stop as well as forcing them to take part in sexual acts which are not safe. The crime is sometimes carried out by spouses in marriage, dating partners as well as by lawful partners. Young girls of less than eighteen years have also been victims of sexual contacts. The crime is mostly carried out by step-fathers, elder brothers, teachers, coaches as well as people in authority.


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