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Compose a 3000 words essay on Lean Methodologies in Private Dental Surgery. Need

Compose a 3000 words essay on Lean Methodologies in Private Dental Surgery. Needs to be plagiarism free!Understanding the key areas where lean methods can be employed will help the dentists decide on how to take up lean methods for their own setups and increase their overall level of performanceLean thinking is a concept that is quite recent in healthcare sectors. It is even more so when it comes to application in the dentistry and dental clinics. Lean thinking in the recent times has shown remarkable promise in small businesses and large, and therefore, its application in the quasi business settings of a private dental clinic can also be explored to maximum benefit.The concept of lean thinking in healthcare industry has generated much interest around the world. It is not surprising therefore, to see literature pertaining to it among the governments planning as well. The UK is now one of the avid followers of lean thinking management, and is devoting much research in to understanding the fundamental concepts of the model and methods of its application into the healthcare system. Perhaps it is an attempt to find a better alternate solution to the already mounting problems of the healthcare in the UK (as well as around the world) where managed care system is rapidly revealing cracks and flaws in its structure and planning. Till then, lean thinking may be able to provide support to this rapidly aging system of healthcare. Dentistry like other areas of healthcare is also hard hit by the different problems that are plaguing NHS, and therefore dental structures can also be utilized to study the potential benefits of lean methods within healthcare.The accusations of inadequate healthcare service within the UK are not without proof. In 2005 alone, the loss reported by NHS amounted to astounding 500 million. (McAllistor,2007) this is in spite of increased costs and efforts being placed in healthcare to address the situation of increased healthcare burden, decreasing staff and funding issues. NHS is under threat to lose even more in the future years unless steps are taken that address the issues of today. With continuous threats to the loss of production of many hospitals in the future, the NHS is willing to try any new approach that may help solve or at least reduce the crises. Therefore, among the many new approaches, lean methodology ranks as one of the new ones to correct the current healthcare crises. Concept Of Lean MethodologyThe concept of lean thinking originated in Toyota, where the aim was to focus on the value stream of the product and the product itself. It is not surprising therefore to state that Toyota and lean methodology have become synonymous, and therefore the leaders of lean management and thinking.(Womack et al, 2005) This concept is completely opposite to the concepts of organization that are currently applied in the consumer market and in businesses around the world. Managers must, according to Toyota, focus of the process of production rather waste time on inspection, which will yield better and improved results long term, and will lead to more effective savings in terms of money and resources. (Womack et al, 2005) This is perhaps the first methodology that focuses and emphasizes on the respect


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