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Countries showing strong uncertainty avoidance such as France, Germany and Italy

Countries showing strong uncertainty avoidance such as France, Germany and Italy have witnessed a rise in the consumption of mineral water since 1970. In fact, according to one study, the correlation between mineral water consumption and the uncertainty avoidance score for 1996 was almost 0.75. What might explain the linkage between uncertainty avoidance and mineral water consumption? What other products might find opportunities in strong uncertainty avoidance countries? Part A Question 2 In a host of emerging markets (e.g. India, Brazil, Thailand), 50+ percent of the population is under 25 years old. One marketer observes: ?teenagers are teenagers everywhere and they tend to emulate U.S. teenagers? (Advertising Age International, October 17, 1994, p. I-15). Is there a global teenager segment? Do teenagers in say, Beijing, really tend to emulate L.A. teenagers? Discuss. Part B Read the case ?UNIQLO?s Global Expansion: From Tokyo to the World? which is accessible from the textbook?s student companion site: Part B (70 marks) 365480&resourceId=36045&newwindow=true Answer the following questions. Question 1 Does UNIQLO rely too much on its Japan-ness? Question 2 Can UNIQLO sustain growth in its home market, or will oversaturation dilute the brand and earnings? Question 3 Can UNIQLO continue to grow internationally and over take Zara as number one? Source of the questions: Kotabe, M and Helsen, K (2015) International Marketing, 6th edn, International Student Version, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, p.7.


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