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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Constructivism and Problem Based Lear

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Constructivism and Problem Based particular investigation, emphasizes on practicality, while training professionals of different fields, but somehow, does not recommend that, for teaching in school. In the viewpoint of the current paper, children studying in school should also be given assignments, featuring various practical problems to solve, because by this method, their ability to analyze issues will groom, which is a required ability in all fields of life.Megalakaki, O., Sotiriou, S., Savas, S., & Manoussakis, Y. (2012). Problem-based Educational Environments: A Case Study in e-Commerce and Business Planning. Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology 10(1) , 423-446This study argues, that electronic learning facilities allow learners from various areas to develop their knowledge base, through providing them with integrated access to international libraries. At the same time, offer students an opportunity to consult with leading professionals. In this way, learners could develop in depth understanding of the practical issues of the field.However, in the light of above mentioned source, constructivism is an ideal methodology, while instructing medical students, because in this field problem based method could result in disastrous ramifications, without proper understanding of the medical knowledge.On the other hand, this research believes, that technological aids such as online videos are assisting. language instructors in making their students, learn various foreign languages. In teaching linguistics, professors should encourage their pupils to practice the language in their daily life, because this is the only way to learn, the art of communication, because, human mind initiates the process of self-correction, once the person starts talking in a non-native language. Nevertheless, theoretical background possesses a certain degree of importance in this regard, but ample amount of time should be allocated towards practical learning in the process of developing


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