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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Why People Still Read Fables.This stu

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Why People Still Read Fables.This study stresses that Sinbad, the sailor, originated around the 14th century and was added to Thousand and One Nights. Its inspiration can be traced to Homeric epics. The Arab culture and folklore infused with Homeric themes created a powerful unison. The strength of character development is a crucial element for its success. The protagonist, Sinbad starts off as a poor lad complaining about the injustice in life and his poverty.This research highlights that&nbsp.Alexander Romance is similar to Sindbad in the sense that it is woven around the potential power of a human being. It is a collection of travel and war stories of Alexander the Great. He is considered one of the greatest war generals of all times. The stories of war and romance have always fascinated the human mind. The whole philosophy of life can revolve around war. the need to wage a war, to defend the homeland, to protect the family, to expand the empire and craft war strategies, all of these skills relate to the human need for survival and reproduction.&nbsp.Populations have looked at Alexander the Great with inspiration. The way he governed his soldiers and commanded the battlefield is something that people even learn from in the present day. It is the fear and influence that powerful people like Alexander leave in the hearts of men, and then they control their perspectives on life. When Alexander used to plan a war against an area, the people sometimes didn’t even have the courage to fight and defend their land. They were sure that Alexander was unstoppable.


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