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Create a paper (MS Word) of a Management Information System (MIS) including an i

Create a paper (MS Word) of a Management Information System (MIS) including an implementation plan. The MIS solution that you propose could be a Transaction Processing System (TPS), a Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS) or any other type of MIS solution that addresses the problem you are trying to solve.Problem:A. Savannah Police Departmenta. Industry: Law Enforcement and Emergency Responseb. Objective: Savannah PD must use MIS to restructure their patrol areas, shift times, and allotment of patrols to meet the increased demand for emergency response that has resulted from the city’s massive growth over nine years.c. Situation: Savannah PD was established 45 years ago, and has undergone several restructurings of management, reporting systems, and patrol areas. In recent years, the city of Savannah has undergone massive capital investment and seen an unprecedented amount of growth and expansion. With this increase in business activity and population, crime and emergencies have also been on the rise. This increase in the quantity of crime has the City Manager worried that reports of crime might drive away future investment in the area, slowing the growth and economic outlook of the city.


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