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Discuss this Article   What does it mean to “Discuss”? Offer a considered and balanced review that includes a range of arguments, factors or hypotheses. Opinions or conclusions should be presented clearly and supported by appropriate evidence. Note that few, if any, events in international business are ever clear-cut. For many issues, there are parties that bear costs while others may benefit. There are strategic considerations at multiple levels. Multiple factors in the operating environment can influence outcomes. In essence, your job is to consider these and other multiple angles to your issues. The challenge is determining which considerations are applicable to your selected issues and presenting these in a balanced view (i.e., one that considers these multiple perspectives). It is important that you discuss potential costs and benefits whenever appropriate, again keeping in mind that what might be beneficial for some parties or entities is likely to be costly to others. Any claims you make must be supported by evidence. This is where you need to draw on the articles you collected to support your arguments (see the “use as evidence” section under Summary as a refresher). Be selective in drawing on your evidence. Direct quotes should be used sparingly and only if the words, as said/ written by your source, directly add to your argument. Do not use direct quotes on lieu of paraphrasing. When you use an idea from another source, you must include an in-text citation and include the source at the end of your Report in a References section (see the section below about Citing and Referencing). Unlike the overarching connection between your issues, it is fine to consider the most appropriate angles to your specific issues, even if these are different for each issue. The strongest papers will apply the most relevant concepts to their issues to present a balanced discussion.


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