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e PrewauS Question 3 which of the following statements about your crmpany’sおso

e PrewauS Question 3 which of the following statements about your crmpany’sおsombly operators for carneras and drones is FALSE? All or the company’s capital expenditures tr fixed assets iticides workstations robots upgrades, office equipment, and furnishngsi at the Tawan piant sfe are depreciated over 20 O years at the rate of 5% annually Θ The captal costs of new workstatons and tac il tes expanseins ae pod for in the lok wing two years by cutting the dividend payments to shareholders O The manufacturers of robots have recently developed small robots capable of performing some of the tasks/work steps in assembling both achon cameras and UAV drones, nstallinng one of hese robots at each cameraldrone wowkstation enables the sze of PATs to be cut from d persons to 3 persons o The matnum number ot carneindrones that can be assembled at ovetrne 20% of O annual PAT productivity (the nurntier of units a camera drone PAT assenbles each year) arieras and drones are both asserito d t erson I, howevun instalation robotic upgrades to cameradone workstations permits the size of PATs to be cut to 3 persons


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