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ead the following passage in your Norton Field Guide textbook on pgs. 750-757″Ou

ead the following passage in your Norton Field Guide textbook on pgs. 750-757″Our Fear of Immigrants” by Jeremy Adam SmithYou will respond to question #5 on page 758:Question:Immigration also raises issues less sweeping than deporting immigrants without legal status or giving them a path to citizenship. For example, debates at the state and local level have involved such issues as drivers’ licenses and in-state college tuition for undocumented immigrants and “English-only” language policies in government agencies.Choose one such issue, either in your state or locality or elsewhere, and write an essay making an argument about it. In researching your topic, you may want to interview some immigrants or a political scientist or other instructor who has studied the issue.Your essay must be at least 2 pages long with at least one example of evidence to support what you’re saying. Please make sure to give your source(s) credit by including a Works Cited page, even if you only have 1 or 2 sources.I would also like to see you include examples from Smith’s essay in your paper. Please include at least 2 references directly from the essay in the book.Make sure to check all spelling, grammar, and punctuation! It COUNTS!


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