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Final Exam Quiz Instructions This is an essay only final exam Please answer both

Final Exam Quiz Instructions This is an essay only final exam Please answer both essay questions! You must show in your essays that you are familiar with the topics discussed in class. You must have an understanding of others’ perspectives as well as develop and argue your own positions. I encourage you to think creatively but support your answers; don’t just provide an opinion. Use specific examples and ideas from the class, text, or even current events that support what you are arguing. You must also develop your thoughts in a logical and organized way: write an introduction, homogeneous paragraphs, transitions between paragraphs, and a conclusion. Pay attention to style, punctuation, spelling. Essays should be approximately five paragraphs. Critics claim there are now four branches of our national government; the legislative, executive, and judicial branches as well as the combined power and influence of public opinion and the media. Considering that our government is intended to be a representative democracy, which branch do you feel should be most powerful? Which branch is more powerful today? In order to answer the question, you must give examples of the expansion and contraction of the powers of each branch (for example the textbook authors argue that power has shifted dramatically from one branch to another). Though your argument may focus specifically on one branch, you must demonstrate adequate knowledge of each—what each does, how each has evolved. Does our Constitution (with its built-in protections from government abuse, separation from the tyranny of the masses, and checks and balances) really function in the way the Framers intended? If you look at the increasing importance of things like public opinion polling, mass media, political parties, and extremely expensive campaigns (none of which existed at the time the Constitution was written) it is clear that government today hardly resembles our government of the 1800s. How does each of these 4 components affect the Constitution and its working? Do any of these represent a step forward from politics of the 1800s? You do not need to provide a summary or explanation of the Constitution; instead, focus on the 4 components listed and how they relate to the Constitution.


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