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First Part(1). When was the Island of Hispaniola divided for the first time?(2).

First Part(1). When was the Island of Hispaniola divided for the first time?(2). Why was the island divided? mention France and Spain disputes and wars.(3). What were the “Desvastaciones’? How did the “Desvastaciones” influence the division of the island?(4). How many colonies were established in the island after the division?(5). How many treaties were signed between France and Spain concerning the border between both colonies? Mention each of them by name and date.Part 2(a). Watch the Documentary “Haitian Revolution” by clicking on a summary of the film in four paragraphs. (b). Answer the following questions.(1). The Haitian Revolution (1794-1804) ignited slaves in the Western side of the island/ the French colony. Slaves defeated the French and created the Republic of Haiti. now answer the following.(2).  Who did first abolish slavery in the Spanish Colony? Say When?(3). Who did abolish slavery in the Spanish colony for the second time?(4).  Haitian President Jean Pierre Boyer unified the island under the Haitian Republic from 1822-1844. What social sector of the former Spanish Colony suffered the most during the unification?(5). When did the Spanish side of the island separate from Haiti? What name was given to the new republic?(6). How did the United States influence anti-Haitian sentiments among the Dominican elite?(7). How many attempts were made to solve the demarcation of the border from 1844-1922?(8). When was the border finally demarcated? Provide details of the process: say the names of both Dominican and Haitian Presidents; dates, negotiations, etc.Part Three(A).Watch the documentary “Ugly History: The 1937 Haitian Massacre” by click on write a short summary comparing the Doc. to the reading.  (B). Answer the following questions.(1). What are the psychological borders between Haitians and Dominicans? (2). How did anti-Haitiansim become part of “Dominicanidad”? Provide details.(3). Is the border a location of cooperation or animosity? Explain your answer. 


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