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For the Column A technologies or concepts, find the appropriate function or appl

For the Column A technologies or concepts, find the appropriate function or applicable characteristic in column B. Please note that I have included an extra entry in column B that does not match any entries in column A (4 points each; 15 questions; 60 points total).Column AColumn B1.Northern analysis2.ddPCR3.Cloning4.Differential Display5.RNAi6.Subtractive hybridization7. DNA Microarray8. Transformation9. Antisense technology10. RISC11. Restriction Enzymes12. Genomic library13. Gel electrophoresis14. 2DGE15. Ribozyme(A) Introducing specific amino acid changes to a protein in order to study its function(B) Represents every gene essentially equally and contains both promoters and introns(C)A fungal gene expression system(D) Electrophoresis separates biological macromolecules according to size(E) Recognizes and cuts palindromic DNA sequences(F) A method of enriching for certain cDNA clones(G) Silencing of genes using(H) Introduction of recombinant DNA into an organism(I) Gene Expression Profiling using the transcriptome imprinted on chips(J) Amplification of DNA fragment facilitating absolute DNA quantification(K) Inserting a piece of DNA into a vector to create a new recombinant molecule(L) Complex that cuts RNA and prevents translation in RNAi(M) A gene expression knock down technology involving hybridization and functioning through RNase H and/or physical inhibition of translation(N) Partial cDNA sequences are amplified from subsets of mRNAs using one primer anchored to poly-A tail and another short arbitrary primer(O)Gene expression analysis by hybridization of RNA on a blot to a labeled probe.(P) Binds to a specific complementary mRNA sequence and cuts it(Q) Separates biological macromolecules using isoelectric focusing and SDS-PAGE


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