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  For this assignment, you will write a traditional research paper that is devel

For this assignment, you will write a traditional research paper that is developed from the topic of your annotated bibliography(in my attachment); you also have the option to develop a new topic, although the research from your annotated bibliography has set you up to continue to investigate this topic. The paper should be thesis-driven and should seek to answer the research question you identified in your annotated bibliography.
This paper may be about any topic of your choosing—an issue in the world of art and design, something based on politics or sociocultural topics, something about technology, etc. It is meant to be completely geared towards your own interests and to help you further your understanding about an issue in which you are interested or is relevant to your future career. 
You must use evidence from at least five credible sources. Something I will be paying close attention to when grading this essay is how well you integrate your sources with your own point of view. You are using evidence from research to support the arguments you are making. Your paper must include:
An effective introduction of at least three sentences and a hook that adequately capture the reader’s attention and provide a preview for the rest of the paper
A thesis statement that makes an argument related to the subject matter you chose and clearly identifies why it matters
Use of specific details and important points that illustrate your arguments and develop your thesis with information from research
At least three paraphrases and/or quotes from the sources you chose that illustrate a clear understanding of the material and its relation to your thesis statement and appropriate in-text citations that specify the author last name, year the content was written, and page number where you found the information.
An effective conclusion that adequately summarizes the points of your essay, recaps the thesis statement, and answers the question “Why does this matter?”
A reference page that correctly cites any resources you use in Chicago Manual of Style.
The paper must be 4-6 pages (excluding bibliography), double-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font.
The final draft of the paper is due on Canvas by Dec. 12 at midnight.


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