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General Management assignment for Quality check Document Preview:

General Management assignment for Quality check

Document Preview:

BS4S16 Leadership & Management Theories Assignment Brief

You are required to complete one assignment to test the following module learning outcomes:

1. Critically evaluate the development of leadership and managementtheories;
2. Critically appreciate the nature of leadership and management theories and their application
in a range of leadership and management settings.

1. Assignment Question

Critically evaluate the application of leadership theories to a leader in an organisational context (e.g.
a company of your choice) and management theories to a contemporary organisation.

2. Guidance

2.1 Structure

Students will decide on the appropriate structure and content but we would expect to see the
following elements:

? Introduction (explaining the purpose and structure of the report):
o the terms of reference for the report in general, the theoretical area and focus of
your report and approach taken (including method(s) used);
o setting the context (background to sector, organisation, organisational structure,
culture etc.).
o Structure of the report.
? Main body of the assignment (with subheadings for easier navigation & professionalism):
o Contextual discussion of the broader development of leadership and
management theory as appropriate to the chosen topic for critical evaluation;
o critical evaluation of leadership and management theories
o application of critiqued theory to evidenced practice within the selected
contemporary organisation;
o evaluation and commentary on the fit (or lack of fit) between your critiqued theory
and practice as evidenced.
? Conclusions:
o Your conclusions should relate to the terms of reference for the report (in other
words you should be reaching conclusions about theory, practice and the fit
between theory and practice).


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