skip to Main Content are FOUR item are FOUR items to each response: Item A (topic), Item B (definition), Item C (page reference or module topic), and Item D (discussion) unless specified otherwise. When you respond, they should be labeled accordingly.Your response for Item D (see sample below) is required to be AT LEAST 70 WORDS long. If your reply for this item is less than 70 words, you will lose points (yes, I do count). You can use MS Word to count the words in your response to make sure you have met the requirement.  Please do not repeat what another student has already said. If your reply is on the same topic, you are required to add depth to the topic beyond what was initially stated in order to receive full credit. This requires that you not only complete the readings, but have read what your fellow students have posted before you post your response. In other words, your reply must add substantial value to the discussion.


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