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I need a Brochure for this program I had to treat for my class.  The program is

I need a Brochure for this program I had to treat for my class. 
The program is free. It’s an after school and morning program for the kids and the famies of a community 
Mission Statement: Our organization focuses on the well-being of the “whole” child. We focus on the social, and emotional well-being of the children at risk and aim to alleviate financial burdens of the child’s family which evidently effects the child. 
*Our families already have a lot on their plate! Our program is to relieve some of that stress by doing their work for them. Such as taking their child to school,  making sure their assignments are completed before class and making sure they have a healthy breakfast for positive energy in class! 🙂 
“The goal of our program is to relieve the stress off families and encourage family growth by offering an abundance of resources with no limitations. This program provides tutoring, transportation, scheduling flexibility for the best academic support for children to succeed. Our goal is to work for the parents and meet their needs before they need it. We strive to extend our resources to create a happy and healthy personal and professional relationships with the families to provide social and emotional support for both the children and the parents on request. We hope to live up to our name and keep families above water.”


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