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I will pay for the following essay Debating Immigration into Western Countries.

I will pay for the following essay Debating Immigration into Western Countries. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Processing of unauthorized documents, getting inside US boundaries through under-the table payments, and working and staying for long even by just holding a visiting visa are just of the most common methods that illegal immigrants do.This paper did an in-depth literature search concerning the legal and illegal immigration in the US during the years 2000-2006.Let us write or edit the essay on your topic “Debating Immigration into Western Countries” with a personal 20% discount.. Try it nowThis then tackles the relationship of economy, societal and environmental stability, and populace versus the legal and illegal immigrants.It is hypothesized that legal migrants contribute positively to the development of the US economy and even to its culture. Meanwhile, the illegal immigrants are hypothesized to be a great part of the US labor force. They also serve as a large part of the consumer or buying populace. In the same manner, illegal immigrants – despite their illegal status – are also one of the great ‘users’ and/or ‘beneficiaries’ of the natural and financial resources of the country. That is why it is of not doubt that illegal immigrants in the US affect, both positively and negatively, the US as a whole.United States of America is one of the very few countries in the world where different values and tradition of the many people in the world submerged. Also, US are becoming a favorite migration country of many people around the world and the main reason is the opportunity that awaits in this country. Many would say that living in the US is a dream most especially if it is in third world country’s point of view where most terrorism and poverty are the main problems. That is also why the country is commonly compared to as a salad bowl and a melting pot. Multiculutarlism and cultural AssimilationMulticulturalism or commonly known as a “salad bowl”, is much of a new metaphor given to the US and not the “melting pot” or also being termed as cultural assimilation. The melting pot means that if one becomes American citizen, he/she should abide what the proper values and tradition that the American should do or he/she will suffer the consequences. While the “salad bowl” is where American now celebrating the diversity of its traditions where it respects the roots of each individual in order to built a harmonious country. (From Melting Pot to Salad Bowl, 2005). Multiculturalism is when a person who became citizen of another country who obeys and works successfully with his new host country but never disregarded his old beliefs and tradition from his mother country of origin. The following are some of the good examples that will describe up to what extent America is compared to as a salad bowl. One very good example are the Chinese, when one sees them talking to their own natives they still talk most of the time in Chinese but if one will see them in school or business meetings they will speak in English.


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