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IMC Campaign Stories One Message, Many Media: Integrated Marketing Campaigns In

IMC Campaign Stories
One Message, Many Media: Integrated Marketing Campaigns
In this interactivity, to examine integrated marketing in action, you’re going to tell the story of a particular campaign from your internship brand across multiple media. We want to know what unifies the campaign and how the unique nature of each medium is being utilized (or underutilized if you feel so). And we want to hear if you think the campaign is effective or not and why then answer a few related questions. So let’s dig in!
Guided Response:
1. Identify a significant marketing campaign from your internship brand.

Find one that was supported across multiple media (e.g, TV, print, website, banner ads, etc.).
How to identify and research major marketing campaigns?

Search the web or major advertising publications (Adweek (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or AdAge (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) for articles about your brand’s advertising campaigns.
Check your brand’s Twitter feed for recurring ad messages.

2. Find campaign executions for at least three different media
3. Create a new post containing the following elements:

Title and subtitle
Headings for the three media you’ve found
For each medium, a brief description of how it is being used, focusing on what it can do that other media cannot.
A final paragraph summarizing what unifies the campaign and whether or not you think it’s effective and why.

4. Post this information to the forum below
5. Provide feedback to three of your peers

Do you agree with their assessment of the campaign’s effectiveness? What previously unmentioned factors contribute to your assessment?

Do I have to use my internship brand for this assignment?

Please do, as this will enhance your understanding of their marketing practices and the brand.
My Internship for this assignment is Tom’s Shoes


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