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Keeping in mind the information provided to you in the Introduction Module about

Keeping in mind the information provided to you in the Introduction Module about these Writing Assignments, please complete the following question. As with all drop box assignments, you must submit the assignment as an attachment.  The attachment must in the format of a doc, docx or rtf. Keeping in mind the information on pages 120 – 129: Part 1 Define and Explain: 1.  Virtue Ethics 2.  Deontology 3.  Teleology Be sure you also provide the main proponents behind each of these ethical theories.   Part 2 Next, give a real world example of how someone might use each of these theories to solve an ethical dilemma.  (Please use the same dilemma for each of the three theories.  You may have different outcomes to the ethical dilemma depending upon which theory you are considering.   So, you will provide an ethical dilemma.  Then solve that dilemma 3 times by using each of the theories above.  Thus, after reading both your explanations and your examples, I should be able to clearly understand each theory and how it would be applied to an ethical situation.  The correct application of the theory is critical in showing you understand the theory.  So, really think about each one, and how someone following this theory would solve your ethical dilemma.  I need to see your analysis here.   Part 3: What are some practical reasons it is important as a public administrator to be able to identify and apply each one of these theories?   The text has a bit of a general discussion for this question.  Be sure and pull from information in the text.  You can also think about your own experiences as well.


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