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  Managing Human Behavior in Public Organizations   This is comprised of four q

Managing Human Behavior in Public Organizations  

This is comprised of four questions. Each question is worth of 15 points. Please type your response in a word processor or a similar program. Your response must be in narrative format, that means no bullets points. Try your best to avoid verbiage; be concise and to the point. I am looking for insightful, informative and reflective answers. I don’t want to see direct quotations in your answers, paraphrase instead. Your response should not exceed 250 words for each question. Follow APA style for your citations.  

1-        1- Power and leadership are neither synonymous nor equal. Leaders usually have some form of power, although not necessarily from the position they hold in the organization. Discuss the relationship between power and leadership, sources of power, and how they influence each other, remember sometimes people do not need official titles to actually lead.

2-            2- A leader is not a manager, but an excellent manager can make a good leader: Discuss similarities and differences between the two concepts and make sure you provide relevant examples.

The Third and Fourth question provide an opportunity for you to increase your self-knowledge and to allow you to use the course materials as guidance to help you reflect on your personal journey.

3-        3- Where have I been?  Career-wise, develop an autobiographical sketch that will assist you in improving your sense of self by reflecting on the past and how it will influence the future. Be reflective, insightful and forward looking.

4-        4- What is your ideal future? Work with close friends and colleagues to determine what your personal lifetime vision may look like.  Try to focus on what you believe an ideal future would look like or perhaps consider looking back on your life and career at an advanced age. Select a goal or two and imagine the goal achieved to your full satisfaction. How do these goals relate to your vision?  Experience the achievement of your vision in every way possible. In a concise manner, discuss your action plan to achieve this vision and make commitments for particular actions necessary to bring your vision to fruition. 


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