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Minitab Assignment3

The activity includes two questions:

Question 1

Some of the counties included in the dataset had reformed their welfare systems in the past ten years. An assumption of experimental design is that random assignment controls for differences between the groups. In this case, assume that the counties were randomly assigned to reform their welfare system or to maintain the current system.

Explore the effect of the welfare reform initiative using graphical displays. Compare the distribution of at least 3 variables that might be affected by welfare reform. You can use boxplots, histograms, etc. Do you see any effect of the welfare reform initiative on the variables that you selected?

Question 2

Use the t-test (independent samples) to see if a county’s welfare system reform status influenced the unemployment rate.

Your report must include:

  • For Question 1, you must include at least two graphical displays for each of the three variables you selected. The displays must compare the counties that implemented the welfare reform with the counties that did not implement the welfare reform.
  • For Question 2, you must include the Minitab output and interpret the hypothesis testing results. What is the p-value? Do you reject or fail to reject? Interpret the results in the context of the problem.
  • You must include at least three paragraphs for each question, in addition to Minitab output. Each paragraph must include at least four sentences.

Review the Chapter 12 minitab express handout   and the Chapter 12 Minitab Express Video to help you with this assignment.


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