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Module 4 – Home   Strategy Implementation & Evaluation     Modular Learning Outc

Module 4 – Home   Strategy Implementation & Evaluation     Modular Learning Outcomes   Upon successful completion of this module, the student will be able to satisfy the following outcomes:   Case ◦Assess the strategy implementation and evaluation process   SLP ◦Evaluate the strategic position of a large organization in a competitive environment.   Discussion ◦Assess the strategy implementation and evaluation process       Module Overview   Once the strategic plan has been made the next step, of course, is to implement the plan.  If you have experience in an organization, of course, you most likely realize that implementation is often one of the most difficult hurdles of any plan, especially if it involves change.  And in a dynamic, competitive environment the outcome of the strategic planning process will almost always involve some drastic changes over a period of years.   Such change could involve organizational structural changes, functional changes, incorporating other businesses into the existing organization, and will likely involve a great deal of politics at higher levels.  Also consider that there is a tendency for individuals to want to resist change and consideration of the organizational culture and shifts in that culture will have to be considered.  In short, change does not come easy.   The last phase of the strategic management cycle is the evaluation phase.  In implementing the strategic management plan from year to year it is important to make sure that the implementation process is controlled and measured.   There are a lot of tools available for organizations to help them out in this phase as the implementation phase must be managed, measured and strategic implementation process itself must be controlled to assure successful outcomes are realized.   With all this said, measurement and control can be difficult to do when one is trying to measure and control an overall strategy or direction.  It is subsequently important to establish strategic and operational metrics and standards in order to gauge success. In this module we’ll be considering the importance of the strategic management evaluation process and why it is important.   In this module we will be considering the implementation phase of the strategic management cycle and some of the difficulties faced by organizational leaders in their attempts to move forward with their strategic plans.


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