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My lecturer had said some points to be mentioned in the assignment1) Structural

My lecturer had said some points to be mentioned in the assignment1) Structural char or functional chart of IKEA company and what it deals with alliance we need to show in a chart format.2) what kind of culture was people in the company was about the employees and percentage of male and female employees and which culture people will attract more to Ikea and discuss about the multinational culture.3) Is the Diversification strategy and business level strategy is suitable for culture and structure of IKEA4) what are the key Implication Issues5) Along withe company structure and culture we need to do the leadership as well6) Who is the CEO and what are his functions7) Leadership style of the CEO and other important members of company8) What kind of leader he is9) Use the recommendations and executive summary about this 3 topics (Structure,Culture,Leadership)10) Use APA6 Referencing style and journal articles, text book references in the referencing

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Structure and People Culture at IKEA
The corporate structure and people culture basically determine the manner in which the corporation moves; whether in a constructive manner or otherwise (Kotter and Heskett, 2012). Corporate structure and culture are implanted within every corporation’s goals along with its approach towards the staff members, customers and the local community. As a result, both structure and people culture, are essential factors within any corporation, which decides the company’s overall success or failure (Ravasi and Schultz, 2006). Moreover, structure and people culture of the company mirrors the behaviour of the corporation in general. Further, taking the above discussion into consideration this particular paper attempts to examine the structure and people culture at IKEA.

People Culture at IKEA
It’s not just the engaging IKEA’s people culture, which brings the entire team together nevertheless its culture actually helps it in having a community feeling within the corporation. Additionally, IKEA’s people culture performs a vital part in sustaining cost-effective business practices for sustaining cost leadership business approach of the furniture leader. In simple terms, because of its cost leadership business approach, the company doesn’t provide the highly competitive financial compensation to the employees. Rather, IKEA catches the attention of staff members with intangible advantages, which are deeply incorporated within IKEA people culture.
The people culture at IKEA is basically based upon the following standards:
Simplicity and high degree of ease: It has been observed that humbleness in approaching operations and straightforwardness in the manner of carrying out procedures are also keystones of the people culture at IKEA
The significance for teamwork: Managers who prefer managing like one-man show are not suitable for IKEA people culture. The worldwide furniture giant ensures that it appoints only people who share its…


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