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Need to look at Profit &Loss statement profit and loss for all centres Corporate

Need to look at Profit &Loss statement profit and loss for all centres Corporate marketing plan – performance review Corporate marketing plan (all available under the column infrastructure) BF corporate marketing plan Task 2 Part AYou arethe General Manager – Marketing of Bounce Fitness. You are required to carry out an internal (self) marketing audit at the end of the financial year, according to the Bounce Fitness Continuous Improvement Procedure.Bounce Fitness has just completed its Corporate Marketing Plan project. You were managing the project and worked with the centre managers of the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane fitness centres to implement it. You had to liaise (desktop review) with your colleagues at these locations, from the Cairns head office, where you are based, using video conferencing, phone calls, and emails. The centre managers were responsible for distributing marketing materials sent to them form head office, and making sales to achieve sales targets. The centre managers are experts in fitness industry and gym management. However, none has sufficient marketing or sales experience. You had to provide them with extensive guidance and training throughout the project.Part A – conduct an internal marketing audit You must conduct an audit of the productivity of the Corporate Marketing Plan and effectiveness of Bounce Fitness marketing planning systems in the context of the Corporate Marketing Plan.In the audit, you must investigate: profitability of the Corporate Marketing Plan, including analysis of whether goals and objectives were achieved calculation of return on investment (ROI)express in percentage effectiveness of objectives and goal setting in meeting Bounce Fitness marketing strategy whether financial reporting systems enable timely decision making sufficiency of marketing staff to achieve marketing strategic goals You are required to report results of audit to the CEO and board of directors of Bounce Fitness, in the next part of this assessment.Prepare an audit report that covers the following points. You may format your report under these guidelines as section headings.You will need to access the Bounce Fitness website and go through the relevant sections of the website to find the information that you need. You will also have to conduct further research.Task 2 Part A reportsInternal Audit reportsBounce fitnessAudit conducted by :Audit Date 02/02/2019-20/02/2019 Introduction Purpose and aim of audit is to identify the productivity and profitability Productivity and profitability Make recommendation for improvement Aims & objectives : is the goals (those 5 areas below) whether goals and objectives were achieved calculation of return on investment (ROI) effectiveness of objectives and goal setting in meeting Bounce Fitness marketing strategy whether financial reporting systems enable timely decision making – whether it is effective and achieved. Keep track their performances sufficiency of marketing staff to achieve marketing strategic goals The audit is conduct at the end of financial year Scope of audit Conducting audit covers 3 centres bris, mel, syd and measure the effectiveness of the system productivity of 3 centres of all the 3 CMP Productivity system outlines in CMP – Audit type & research method- productivity audit- system auditUsing quantitative analysis and conduct desktop review (why) the reason why its because HQ located in Cairns HQ and the travel would cost money. Participants in the audit Audit required to reports to General manager, Centre manager – board of directors Marketing organisation and system Achievements of goals (whether they achieve or not) Decrease customer acquisition costs by 4% every two quarters Lower the cost of service delivery by 1% a quarter Hold spending, as a percentage of sales, at a steady rate (check the performance review whether achieve or not, how much they spend and) How much is the ROI look at the sales forecast Effectiveness of goals settings – make up story base on the review Effectiveness of system – break even analysis, mthly and annual reporting to (finding needed) keep the regular track of the performance, how accurate is it, do customer satisfaction but didn’t say how often they do it. Look at Corporate Marketing Plan/ Profit & loss. Reporting financial system – forecasting, marketing mix, look at Corporate Marketing Plan BRISBANE MELBOURNE SYDNEY 20X1 20X1 20X1 Budgeted Actual Budgeted Actual Budgeted Actual Revenues 563,000 558,000 850,750 869,000 699,907 896,500 Expenses 480,955 475,564 741,955 743,000 644,955 532,300 Marketing Mix Corporate Fitness’s marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer service.Pricing:Prices for using Corporate Fitness’s services are comparable to those of higher-end fitness centres. An employee choosing to utilise a Bounce Fitness centre will pay a $100 monthly fee. For each employee enrolled in the general wellness program, regardless of whether or not they use the fitness facility, the employer will pay $150 annually. The prices reflect the quality of the equipment and service.Distribution:This will occur both at the company’s worksite as well as at Bounce Fitness’s facilities.Advertising and Promotion:Printed material, presentations, advertising in industry specific journals and a comprehensive website will be used in the membership drive and to promote awareness of the services on offer.Customer Service:Bounce Fitness will operate on the principle that it is imperative to achieve total customer satisfaction if the business is going to succeed. Sufficient staff (There’s no sales staff that appointed in the structure and expecting GM to do all the sales and audit. Maybe need a sales person with experience to do this job) – how many people in the sales department egmelb 3 sales staff, bris 2 sales staff, Recommendation Recommendation for each items no 2. Sufficient staff – 3 centres no sales staff appointed so all work done by Centre Manager, I think it is good to hire an experience sales staff to do audit and account. That why the sales didn’t meet their target. Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Corporate Employees $298,783 $389,776 $455,678 Regular Clients $242,077 $288,739 $333,890 Total Sales $540,860 $678,515 $789,568 Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Corporate Employees $29,878 $38,978 $45,568 Regular Clients $24,208 $28,874 $33,389 Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $54,086 $67,852 $78,957 Part B presentation – 7 slides Power point presentationROI – forecast and actual (forecasting and budgeting)Effectiveness of goals setting-assumption data- cust relationshipEffectiveness of system Break even analysis Recommendation Insufficient staff for audit or special role to do the paperwork not just rely to general manager/centre manager Hire sales person to do sales job Task 3 Part A draft ScopeKey market & segment Business High school Hotels/ restaurant Customers Workers E,ployees 13-7 yo Visitors Competitors 2 Fitness first Everyday fitness 24/7 ScenarioThis is a continuation of the scenario in Task 2.Following the internal marketing audit, the CEO asks you to conduct an external marketing audit, in order to investigate the feasibility of the Membership Building Marketing Activity Plan, which is scheduled to start in the next financial year.Part A – conduct an external marketing audit Conduct a macro and micro environment audit of the organisation, from the perspective of reviewing the Membership Building Marketing Activity Plan on the Bounce Fitness website.Other sources you will need to refer to include: Business Strategy and Planning documents on Bounce Fitness website Relevant Internet sources for competitor information Draft i) purpose & aim the purpose of this marketing audit is to aiming to identify areas of improvement to investigate the feasibility of the Membership Building Marketing Activity plan to undertake macro & micro environment audit of the organisation to ascertain the alignment & strategic plan ii)Scope of audit external marketing audit desktop review – quantitative and qualitative data iii) who is participants General manager CEO Centre manager Boards & directors Stakeholders, employees, Marketing planning Mission vision and values Mission Statement The Centres will serve the community with quality, comprehensive, unique, and distinctive health programs and services. The employee team will expand upon the preventive services while improving the quality of life among participants through health and fitness services utilising state of the art equipment and practices. These programs will reflect members’ needs and be financially viable for all stakeholders.Vision Statement Bounce Fitness is committed to an expanding role as a premiere provider of wellness integrated services. Through the evolvement of an empowered employee culture and the creative acquisition and use of resources, we will develop and implement comprehensive programmes and services appealing to all.Values Integrity We hold ourselves and co-workers accountable for building trust with our members and each other by being honest, ethical and consistent in what we say and do.Teamwork We are committed to empowering our internal teams and external members with the appropriate resources to effectively achieve our common vision.Accountability We hold ourselves and our co-workers accountable for our behaviours and responsibilities as they affect us, our members and our culture.Quality We are committed to continually leading the fitness industry by providing the highest standards of quality to our members, through services, programs, and community relations.SWOTSWOT Analysis The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company, and describes the opportunities and threats facing Bounce Fitness.Strengths Results-oriented approach to attracting and maintaining customersA well-researched, detailed health wellness program with a long-term focusIntensively trained staff.Weaknesses High costs associated with customised, personal serviceThe inability to work on a high volume business modelSignificant costs involved in attracting a large corporate clientOpportunities Potential to expand within a growing marketA large increase in clients if a single corporate company takes up the Bounce FItness’ programThe ability to leverage future quantitive analysis that supports the contention that long-term wellness programs have a significant, positive impact on the company’s bottom line.Threats Lack of immunity to an economic downturnPotential competition from larger, well established competitorsA change in society where the individual begins to take far more responsibility for his/her health maintenance. summary & (membership building makeitng activity plan) Membership Building Marketing Activity Plan Centre Manager Activity Action By Target Actual Action Date advertising Advertise on free websites Team Member 5 sites per month 1 Dec 20XX Promotions Recommend a friend All Team Members should be encouraging their clients to recommend a friend.One free fitness test and plan for anyone who recommends a friend who enrols. All Team Members 20 per month 50-60 Dec 20XX Local Businesses Acquire contact details Make appointments and visits Follow up with material regularly Manager 40 people per month 139 Dec 20XX Local High Schools Acquire contact details Make appointments and visits Follow up with material regularly Manager 10 people per week I class of 10 every 2 weeks Dec 20XX tourist Industry Hotels Restaurants Places of interest Acquire contact details Make appointments and visits Follow up with material regularly Manager 60 people per month 198 Dec 20XX Membership Building Marketing Activity Plan generaL Manager MarKetIng Activity Action By Target Actual Action Date relationship Marketing Work with local or regional partners on joint or reciprocal marketing promotionsContact local organisations: Other training providers: provide them with a percentage fee for successful leads, provided that we believe there will be a high volume of leadsCouncilChamber of Commerce Community Centre managers Adult Education managers Kath Jones 5 per month 3 which are generating 100 sales per month Dec 20XX 3 Macro& Micro external environment PESTEL. (write 2-3 factors ) Eg; Political – what can political impact to the plan – if the council started change the rules, started to pay parking maybe started increasing cost or inconvenient to customers to come to the gymEconomical – eg if the economy in Australia slow that affect to the gym users4 Micro – explain 2 factors of each employment rates, behaviour, social cultural factors , market demands, service usage trends SWOT for competitors (look from previous ass somewhere BSBMKG502 2 SWOT for BF – look from BSBMKG502 alignment of BF strength/ base on organisation goals SWOT. See if they’re align to each other. Can u achieve ur target 10% if the BF have the facilities Weaknesses – lacked of facilities so is not in the alignment with the BF goals of 10%. So the alignment is not achieve target. Therefore, (what’s your recommendation based on your analysis) Recommendations At least 3 Offer more benefit thru your analysis Thru your competitor …. Based on competitors/ analysis


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