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NEPAL – Country Project – PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines Create a detailed a

NEPAL – Country Project – PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines Create a detailed and thorough PowerPoint presentation about NEPAL. Your task is to educate your audience about the country – assume they know little to nothing about it. Your PowerPoint presentation must be well-organized, well-documented and wellresearched. Your PowerPoint must have a title page and five (5) sections:  1. Physical Geography & Features a. Maps of Country (You need to have at least two (2) maps – one of your country’s relative location) b. Size of the country (miles or square km) c. Climate d. Capital city/Largest city e. Natural Resources 2. Government a. Type of government b. Flag  c. Currency – GNI-PPP d. Name of current head of government and title (ie. Prime Minister, President, etc.) 3. Economy a. Main Products- Exports/Imports b. GDP/GNI 4. People & Culture a. Total Population b. Religion c. Ethnic groups d. Language e. Culture (ex. Food, fashion, music, sports, architecture, etc.) 5. Social Indicators a. Education b. Crime/War c. Poverty d. Healthcare (*bonus 25 points*) – Describe at least four (4) substantive ways in which a healthy population strengthens the economy of the country that you have selected. e. Social Justice Reform (women’s rights, gay rights, worker’s rights, environmental justice, etc.) f. HDI General Criteria: · 7-12 slides, a section may have more than one slide. · Include titles for each slide. · You should use a balance of text and images – remember PowerPoint presentations are image driven! · Avoid walls of text on slides – summarize and use bulleted points instead. · You need to have at least 5 photos. · List references on last slide. · Be prepared to answer any questions from instructor.


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