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Please highlight correct answer. Please use the following book for this assignme

Please highlight correct answer. Please use the following book for this assignment: Kushner, H. (2002). When all you’ve ever wanted isn’t enough: The search for a life that matters. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster. Question 1 We assume that happiness is having no commitments. Kushner argues that this: is what makes us truly free. will allow us to do what we want when we want. guarantees leisure time, which is a necessary ingredient to happiness. leads to no responsibility, which means having no meaning in life; it is a recipe for no happiness. 4 points    Question 2 For the paganism of ancient Greek culture, God was manifest in the rain, the harvest, the cycles of the seasons, and in the form and the fertility of: the crops in the field. the earth itself. human bodies. the beasts of the field. 4 points    Question 3 Kushner argues that religion is not a nagging parent. Instead, religion is a: code of moral conduct. road to eternal life. refining fire. free ticket to heaven. 4 points    Question 4 When I protect myself against a the danger of loss (by death, divorce, or just having a close friend move away) by teaching myself not to care, not to let anyone get too close to me, I: will ensure that happiness is the only thing in my life. will experience life in all of its fullness without the distraction of pain. will know nothing but the good. lose part of my soul. 4 points    Question 5 To Kushner, viewing the human body and the whole natural world with disgust is as misguided a belief as viewing them: with unqualified reverence. in a perspective where the human body has worth, but the natural world can be discarded. as God’s very body. as being given to the human just to be used by the human. 4 points    Question 6 For Kushner, authentic religion is summed up: with living by the commandments and going to heaven. not with the words “Follow me,” but with the words, “Go Forth.” eating, drinking, and finding enjoyment with your work. living a simple life with only what one needs. 4 points    Question 7 Kushner writes, “Ecclesiastes, grown too old and cynical for a life of pleasure, turned to philosophy in an effort to discover the meaning of life, and found himself ‘understanding’ life: and pondering its beauty.” in order to live it with true meaning.” instead of living like a fool.” instead of living it.” 4 points    Question 8 Kushner argues that when the Bible says, “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom,” fear: does not mean being afraid of God but holding awe and respect for God. means never making a wrong step before God. is the motivation behind keeping the commandments, which is the only wise way to live life. is what should drive one to get an education. 4 points    Question 9 Kushner claims that God: helps those who help themselves. looks out for number one. looks out for the welfare of those least able to care for themselves. stays above and removed from human affairs. 4 points    Question 10 To see the goal of life as “winning” forces us to see other people as: teammates. competitors, threats to our happiness. spectators judging our every move. coaches calling all the plays for us.


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