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please read the instructions carefully. do not re-write the case please.

please read the instructions carefully. do not re-write the case please.

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You have completed your Master’s degree in Marketing and wrote your final paper on the topic of advertising through social media. You have been approached by a local, family owned business requesting your help in increasing their sales.
A new competitor has moved into town and the company owners think that sales have gone down because of this new business entering the market. You have looked at the other company very carefully and recognize that the products offered are different enough that the problem is not the extra competition but rather a lack of new customers for the company’s existing products.
This is a family business started 50 years ago by Joe and his wife, Sally. The company has always been very successful and an industry leader; it has a good reputation and very loyal, older customers. You are certain that you can expand the business by attracting a younger customer base and want to create a big social media advertising campaign, but Joe and Sally do not agree. They want your advice but absolutely believe that sales will come back if they increase their existing advertising which has always been through newspapers and some radio ads and this is what they want you to focus on.
They are hiring you for your expertise and knowledge but you are in a very tough position; you know you can fix this for them, but if you do what they want, the company will continue to lose sales and may not survive. You are also starting to make a name for yourself in the consulting field and don’t want to be associated with a project that you know will probably fail. You have already spoken to them about social media advertising but they are firm in their belief that they just need to do more of what they have always done and things will work out just fine.
This is a very delicate situation. You really like Joe and Sally and have great respect for them; they built this business from nothing and you don’t want to offend or upset them. They asked for your help but you…


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