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 Please use your own thoughts and do NOT plagiarize anyone’s work.  All assignme

 Please use your own thoughts and do NOT plagiarize anyone’s work.  All assignments will be ran through Safe Assign (plagiarism software for blackboard use)  
Discussion Board Evaluation Criteria 
Original post must be submitted every Saturday by 6:00 p.m. EST, then post 1 additional post to your classmates over the next few days
Discussion board assignments are your opportunities to share your knowledge, experience and opinions with the rest of the class.  Together with the homework assignments, they also serve as a proxy for attendance.
The items I am looking for are
Relevance to the topic,
Promptness in the initial posting and response,
Clear expression of opinions,
Good spelling and grammar,
Polite disagreement as appropriate.
Please use good grammar and make coherent points. When providing a contrasting viewpoint, focus on making your point, not on deriding the other person’s point.
make 1 original post by you the student and then posts 1 additional meaningful responses to other student postings


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