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promotional mix in marketing as strategy Document Preview:

promotional mix in marketing as strategy

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Consumers are exposed to thousands of marketing communication messages every day.
Organisations compete heavily for the attention and custom of the consumer through their
advertising. Marketing communication attempts to provide information to the consumer
about the organisation’s products and service offerings. The various methods of
communicating with the consumer need to be in agreement to deliver a holistic and
effective message that will satisfy both organisational and consumer needs.

The objective of the message is to persuade the audience to purchase the product or
service. Therefore, the consumer needs to be receptive to the message and to be able to
interpret it in such a way that the intent to purchase is established (Koekemoer,
2004a:135). For this to be effective, marketers have to be able to develop messages that
will reach and convince the designated target market. Various promotional tools are at the
disposal of the marketer to reach the targeted consumer. Advertising is one of the most
commonly used tools, and will consequently be the focus of this study.

Females employed as characters (or models) in advertising messages, serve as a point of
reference or a source of identification for the target audience, which is usually the female
consumer. Featuring a female character that is representative of the target market
enhances the probability that the audience will identify with the character and find the
advertising message trustworthy. Women are major contributors to not only household
decision-making, but also to organisational consumption decisions (Barletta, 2006:3). This
makes them a very important target market.

The portrayal of female characters in advertising messages is of particular importance to
this study. The characters in the advertisement need to be relevant to the target consumer
and should add to the effectiveness of the persuasive power of the…


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