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Question 1.1. Psychological egoism eliminates the possibility of: (Points :

Question 1.1. Psychological egoism eliminates the possibility of: (Points : 1) generosity. altruism. kindness. all of the above   Question 2.2. ________ argues that certain actions are good or bad, moral or immoral because they are approved or disapproved of by God. (Points : 1) Morality Kantian ethics Divine command theory Utilitarianism   Question 3.3. Within moral philosophy, religion has been employed as a ________ for moral values and as a source of ________ for moral behavior. (Points : 1) reason; pleasure sanction; motivation justification; appreciation justification; motivation   Question 4.4. The primary four negative forces that are thought to govern human conduct are: (Points : 1) physical sensations of pain, emotional sensations of pain, moral forces, and religious sanctions or condemnations. emotional sensations of pain, sociological forces, political or legal forces, and cultural beliefs. physical sensations of pain, political or legal forces, moral forces, and religious sanctions or condemnations. religious sanctions or condemnations, emotional sensations of pain, physical sensations of pain, and political or legal forces.   Question 5.5. During the Middle Ages, the dominant social and legal force was the: (Points : 1) knight code of conduct. legislative body. Roman Catholic Church. all of the above   Question 6.6. ________ is a simple and popular theory which suggests that pleasure and pain are the only things we can say are intrinsically good or intrinsically bad. (Points : 1) Hedonism Formalism Ethical egoism Contractualism   Question 7.7. ________ ethics attempts to formulate norms, guidelines, standards, and/or principles of right and wrong. (Points : 1) Virtue Sociological Normative Cultural   Question 8.8. In ________, Martin Luther King, Jr., argued that there are two types of laws: just and unjust. (Points : 1) America The Color Purple I Have a Dream Letter from Birmingham Jail   Question 9.9. ________ law is an ethical theory, dating back over 2000 years that grounds morality in human nature. (Points : 1) Human Natural Original Positive   Question 10.10. Kohlberg’s model suggests that rather than criminality being directly equated with immorality, it may be better to understand the relationship between lawbreaking and morality as a: (Points : 1) circle. pendulum. fixed scale. continuum.


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