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Requirements: • Individual project: .students need to upload their project by u

Requirements: • Individual project: .students need to upload their project by using their Moodle account. • Each individual has to research about “ Financial Crimes in UAE” and make a comprehensive project report. • The project discussions should completely focus the following points; v Develop and apply the knowledge of UAE Law with respect to the chosen topic and evaluate how UAE will deal with such issues. v Analyze the connection between financial crimes and UAE Law. • Additional Information: Students are advised to use e- library, Google, research articles, books etc. for their references. Presentations: • Students must prepare power point slides for class presentation. • The power point slides need to be uploaded on the Moodle. • 10 minutes will be given to each student. The project should be in a form of a comprehensive report and it must include; • Proper introduction • Body of the report equipped with relevant knowledge and discussion • Conclusion of the report relevant to the discussion • Proper references.


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