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Select an article from the Wall Street Journal that you can relate to any topic discussed in class.

Critical Article Summary and Analysis
1. Select an article from the Wall Street Journal that you can relate to any topic discussed in class.
2. Give a summary of the article. Try not to exceed more than one page in your summary but a maximum of a page and a half. Be sure to identify the key issues in the article and to state the author’s opinions on these issues (what are the three MAIN takeaways from the article).
3. Give an analysis of the article. Your analysis should include why you chose the article. Include what makes the article so interesting and why others should read it, highlighting why it is important to understand. Ensure that you point out the explicit relation to class and the topics discussed. You must include a discussion on the economic/financial implications to stakeholders, which includes consumers, the financial markets, the company, the stockholders, debt holders etc.
a. It is imperative that you focus on analysis and not just provide a summary. Often times, the article does not directly mention the stakeholders so you need to identify who these stakeholders are. Identify the stakeholders’ interests, concerns and claims to the entity. What are the resultant issues from the relationship with the entity for the stakeholders. (that should tell you that a single paragraph of 3 or 4 lines is simply not enough).
b. Bear in mind that stakeholders can be internal or external and are in some form of exchange relationship with the entity. Internal stakeholders include Employees and Stock Holders while external stakeholders include customers, creditors, suppliers, Government/legislators/regulators, Unions and local communities. Of all these stakeholders, the most important three are the customers, stockholders and employees. It is important to note that company policy is informed based on its relationship with its stakeholders but it is hard to please your stakeholders 100% as you might find what they desire to be in direct contrast. For instance, customers would prefer lower prices while suppliers would prefer to charge higher prices. Managing stakeholder relationships is an integral part of any entity’s strategic plan.
4. Give a recommendation to address an issue faced by one of the stakeholders. Specify the issue and the recommendation.
5. Is there any additional information that could give additional insight into the article?
6. It is beneficial to use subtopics such as “Summary”, “Analysis” and “Recommendations” to keep you on track.

• Utilize a cover page
• No less than 2 FULL pages in length
• 11 or 12 pt font in Calibri or Times New Roman
• Indent paragraphs
• Double-space all lines
• Justify margins
• Remove extra space between paragraphs
• Insert full citation – author’s full name, full date of publication, full article title, publication name, section, page #


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