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 So here there is two highlighted parts the one in blue is summary of what I hav

 So here there is two highlighted parts the one in blue is summary of what I have done in my internship and the challenges AS for the second highlighted part which is in yellow is the whole thing starting from the beginning to the end AND  I added extra thing you will find some repetition  from the blue highlight in the yellow which is the historical analysis part it is in yellow I want you to combine them both but don’t change something in the summary just combine the blue with the yellow and add any phrase that shows that the yellow part is continuing of what I have done in previous and there is new thingS I ADD IT  and mention that there is a repetition about the historical analysis BY THE WAY THE YELLOW IS CONTINUING OF WHAT I HAVE DONE FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END SO IT IS CONSIDERED AS THE FINAL   YOU FILL FIND THE YELLOW PART SOME GRAMMAR MISTAKES SO RERWITE IT  CHECK PLEASE THE DOCUMENT 

THERE IS ANOTHER DOCUMENT WHICH IS THE LINKEDIN  DO THE REQUIREMENT add all the information in it  and capture it and put it in pdf 
PASSWORD: 24682468
IMPORTANT add in the account that i am doing now my internship at kpmg company and i will be graduating in Next semesterI WILL POST MY CV you will add some information from it 


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