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so this report is based on the previous report i did ( find attached the previou

so this report is based on the previous report i did ( find attached the previous report so you can understand what is about and what is my project, you will also find the feedback of the teacher and the grade )  
in this part is part2 so you will have to read the information i wrote in the file attached  is all written in details so please follow everything been written in details …. you should use Shapiro as a relevant reference and Eitmen , shapiro the teacher asked as to use it more ,(i have attached shapiro the chapter that she gave us but you can always find additional information from somewhere else ) whatever you write in this report it must be related to the project so plz understand the project first  …… i have to get one 73% to pass this module as i got 61%in the previous one so i have to get one 73% in this ….
dont do the calculation part until next time as i need additional informations about it ,,, i might ask for some revisions if the work is not what im expecting ,,,
please use relevant references , and in text citation ……. is a very important report so please if you cant do it dont bid at allllllll im in 3rd year uni so this report means my final grade dont bid if you cant do it please is a life of a student plz ….. i will attach the assignment with details , the shapiro chapter , the previous assignment i did ( part 1)   is 1500 words BE CLEAR THAT ALL RELATED TO THE PROJECT PLEASE 


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