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Software Design And Development: Document Preview:

Software Design And Development:

Document Preview:

Web-Based Medical Centre Administration System
This is a very brief description of the project. You are required to develop a web-
based system to administer functionalities in a typical Australian medical clinic.
The main operators at the medical centre are; Doctor(s), Nurse(s), receptionist(s)
and clinic manager. The administration has many distinctive functionalities;
reception, General Practitioner consultation, Nurse tasks, management and
accounting tasks. There are sub-tasks involved in each one of the main tasks.
Reception sub-tasks include answering phone calls of patients, receiving patients
at the counter, entering patient’s details, making/updating/cancelling patients
appointments, billing patients (bulk-billing, work cover and private). Medical
Practitioner sub-tasks include reviewing patient’s history, diagnosing, writing
notes, referrals to specialists, prescribing medications, MRIs, CT-Scans, X-Rays,
immunizations, allied health interventions and Pathology tests. It is also
recommended to include medical objects in the development. Nurse subtasks
include preparing care-plans, sterilization tasks, immunization and
cleaning/padding minor injuries. The manager maintains rosters and assessments
of Doctor(s), Nurse(s) and Receptionist(s). All correspondences between medical
centre and other related organisations is required to be performed electronically
online without paper work.
You are strongly encouraged to base your design on an open source generic
system and develop the design further to tailor it for Australian clinics.

For References of open source systems open the link:


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