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solve case

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(QM 3023)

FORMAT: The requirements for the case studies will consist of two separate reports: (1) a business
report that summarizes the findings, conclusions, and recommendations of your analysis, and (2)
all materials supporting your analysis.

BUSINESS REPORT: The business report is a summary of the results of your analysis.
Write this report as though you are an analyst or consultant reporting to the decision maker
of the situation in the case study. Present the problem definition, the information required
for the decision, the results of your analysis, and your recommendations concerning the
problem at hand. There should be minimal calculations or technical discussion in this
report; the decision maker is likely not fluent in many of the techniques presented in our
class. Furthermore, this report should be self-contained; that is, the reader should not be
required to refer to the supporting materials for details.

The presentation of the report is not important; it may be in the form of a memorandum, a
report, or any other vehicle that would reasonably be presented from an analyst or consult-
ant to the decision maker. Nor is the length of the report is an important factor in grading
(before you ask, though, these reports tend to average about four pages in length; however,
do not add/delete material or change your font/margin size solely to obtain a certain number
of pages), the content is more critical. It is expected, however, that this report will be high
quality and professional, in terms of content and appearance…there should be no gram-
matical or typographical errors.

SUPPORTING MATERIALS: The second part of the report will consist of the supporting
materials, such as detailed calculations, EXCEL output, graphs and large tables, explanation
and discussion of technical topics and results, etc. Treat this report as if it were a homework
assignment, but include enough…


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