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 Specialization is Cyber Security – Area of Interest is Cloud Computing in Educa

 Specialization is Cyber Security – Area of Interest is Cloud Computing in Education

Use one area of interest from your area of specialization. (i.e. your specialization might be Information Systems and your area of interest might be Software Development. Your specialization might be Cybersecurity and your area of interest might be Cryptography).

Choose a business factor to further narrow the scope of your research. Some business factors might be:

Organizational change
The Value Proposition
Knowledge Management

Use a theory from the following list: (you may NOT use the same theory you chose earlier).

Complexity Theory
Structuration Theory
Game Theory
Systems Theory
Group Theory
Chaos Theory
Network Theory
Modernization Theory
Technology Acceptance Model
Socio-technology Theory
Actor-network Theory
Diffusion of Innovations

Your result will be 3 concepts. An example might be software development, organizational change, and the Technology Acceptance Model. Your task is to research these concepts and create an outline like the example presented above. How are the 3 topics related? You will need to create at least 3 levels and include at least 3 items under each level/sub-level in your outline for this week’s assignment.


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