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State the Advocacy Issue and specific about why it is important to you and who i

State the Advocacy Issue and specific about why it is important to you and who it directly impacts   Specific detailed historical background, statics regarding the advocacy project   Detail how the advocacy project has an impact on recreation and leisure and the community   Detail what you have done for your project what you have yet to accomplished   Include all communications in your paper: – face to face meetings, -letters sent and received -emails with dates, times & locations sent & received- include the contacts names of specific policy makers, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses who can make a difference with regard to your advocacy issue (Example: City, State or Federal senators, members of Congress, State Assembly, County Board, City Council members, members of Recreation and Park, Coastal and or other Commissioners, Principles, etc.) -include pictures when appropriate -Summation/concluding statement -Reference page     Make certain when making contact, never write to whom it may concern- your letter/email will end up in the trash. Do not write that this is required assignment- it will end up in the trash. It must come from you because you strongly believe and are passionate about what needs to be done. NEVER state this is an assignment, they will not respond; they need to know this is something you are passionate about and you want to work for change.


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