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Strategic Audit Each student is required to conduct a strategic audit of one com

Strategic Audit Each student is required to conduct a strategic audit of one company (or organization). When selecting a company to analyze, be sure that there is sufficient information available. In addition, if you pick a company with a relatively narrow focus, it is easier to determine what business they are in, and who their competitors are. Some of the Home Work Assignments during the course will draw on different parts of the strategic audit exercise. In other words, you will be doing the total strategic audit in pieces, rather than waiting to do everything at the end of the course. This should make the entire process much easier.STRATEGIC AUDIT REPORT- Guidelines I – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (1 Page)  This section should be a review of the Strategic Audit’s findings. It is not to be a history of the firm, or what the firm does. The Executive Summary is meant to sell your Strategic report to your reader. II – HISTORY OF THE STRATEGIC AUDIT FIRM (1 Page)  Give a brief history on your Strategic Audit firmIII. MISSION AND VISION STATEMENTS ANLYSES (2 Pages)  Board of Directors-o Mention who is on the BOD; what organizations do they represent; when they were elected to the BOD; and what BOD Committees they are on. Senior Management- o List the present senior management team.V. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS (1 Page)  EFAS Analysis- Create an EFAS Matrix. No additional analysis is needed. VI. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (1 Page)  IFAS Analysis – Create an IFAS Matrix. No additional analysis is needed. VII – ANALYSIS OF STRATEGIC FACTORS- SWOT Matrix (1 Page)  SFAS Analysis- Create a SFAS Matrix. No additional analysis is needed. VIII. STRATEGIC ALTERNATIVES AND RECOMMENDED STRATEGY- TOWS Matrix (1 Page)  TOWS Analysis – Create TOWS Matrix with four strategies. IX. IMPLEMENTATION OF RECOMMENDED STRATEGY From your TOWS Analysis and Matrix recommend the one strategy that you feel best meets the future needs of your firm. Support your decision. X. REFERENCES (1 Page)  At least seven quality references.


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