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Strategies for Online Success A compilation or creation of the following separat

Strategies for Online Success A compilation or creation of the following separated by paragraphs: Successful online students plan their activities and their time so they can accomplish their professional and academic goals. To be a successful online learner, you will need to plan and manage time efficiently, communicate clearly, and use technology effectively.   a time management schedule (using the time management tool of your choice) for one week. a sample email communication (designed for the professor) communicating an issue in the classroom (e.g., grade concern, peers not posting in time for the student to make appropriate responses, peer dominating group discussion, inappropriate self-disclosure, planned vacations, etc.).   list technological tools that would support your work online other than blackboard (e.g., identify whether your computer meets the computer requirements for working online at Walden, identify a list of tools to save your work and where you might acquire the technology, give the steps to sending an email to a peer from the classroom, and     create a plan (in paragraph form) to address power outages in your home or area, limited internet access at your home, computer crash, unexpected illnesses, etc. (This would be your back-up plan if such events happened and should include what resources you’d employ in the effort to complete assignments on time and communicating with faculty.)


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