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Task 1. Scenario: Currently there is a huge demand for anti-ageing and age conce

Task 1. Scenario: Currently there is a huge demand for anti-ageing and age concealing products such as anti-wrinkle creams, serums and facials in the cosmetic market. People are willing to spend increasingly huge sums of money in order to retain a youthful appearance. Kimberly Aschauer, from Palm Beach USA, is one such woman who used many of the currently available products but did not feel satisfied with the final results. She therefore developed an innovative product which is being hailed as a ‘facelift in a bottle’. The devise that she invented is attached to small braids on either side of the face, and is covered by hair. The ‘pull’ created by the devise on either side of the face dissolves the wrinkles. ‘’I went home and got my makeup mirror, and I just couldn’t stop thinking. I just wished there was a way that I could look like this affordably,’ ‘she said. ‘’Right before my very eyes when I was looking in the mirror, I watched 10 years come off my face.’’ Her innovative product is being marketed in a jar which looks similar to face cream jars for $24.99 at 17 stores in Florida and £15 on her UK website. She describes this product as an ‘’affordable way to hold your face up for the day (or every day) without spending thousands’’. Available from Facelift Bungee is already popular in United States of America. Ms Aschauer is keen to launch this product on a grand scale in the UK and to open stores nationwide. To achieve her goal, you have been asked as a Business analyst to investigate how successful this product will be for UK customers. Keeping this in mind, please answer the following questions: 1.1 Create a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data useful for the launch of the product. 1.2 Explain, with justification, the survey methodology and sampling technique that will be most appropriate in your investigation. 1.3 Design a questionnaire to find out the needs of UK customers, think of the sample under study.


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